Are your Mission, Vision and Values in sync with what over 90% of your customers, vendors and employees want?

Most companies make the mistake of creating a mission based on what they want (more profit) instead of what their customers want

The Business Goals program will show you how to reach the wildest dreams you have for your company (including profit goals) but in a way that also accomplishes what your customers, vendors and employees want most too 

Set your company apart

Business Goals is a six-week course that combines what your customers, vendors and employees want most from your company with what you want most too. Interestingly – it’s also what God wants most too.  WHAT? Did we just say it’s what GOD wants too? Yes.

The Business Goals program integrates Biblical principles into running your business. Go ahead, laugh – but it works – 100% of the time. But don’t worry the class isn’t too churchy, we promise. Facts are facts. What your customers, vendors and employees want most are also the most important thing to God.

You’ve probably tried every other business management program out there that’s popular at the moment.  The Business Goals program is different.  And if we didn’t tell you it was Biblically based, you probably wouldn’t have known – you would have just liked the strategy and framework, deployed it and watched it work.

After going through the class, if you are not 100% satisfied with the content, strategy and framework we provide, we will refund 100% of your money. Just so you’ll know, in the past 25 years we have not been asked for one refund.

A Simple, Effective Framework

We utilize three basic, yet profound concepts: Establishing goals that everyone understands and supports; putting the right people into the right position to accomplish the goals; and most importantly, a daily process that encourages people to work on the most important things to reach the goals. We integrate the one small step into the daily process that accomplishes what every customer, employee, vendor and yes, God want most. When you add this one element – it changes everything.


Classes are about an hour each week for 6-weeks. You can attend the classes in person or attend the class virtually via video conference. Classes are held at a church near you (but the class itself is not very churchy and you don’t have to go to church to attend the class).

Expert Facilitation

Every expert in every field will tell you it’s their coach that helped them reach their next level of success. We connect you with a personal coach – we call them Facilitators. Each week between classes, you can connect with your Facilitator to help you implement the concepts discussed in the class, run ideas by, get expert mentoring or just discuss business concepts. Many people tell us it’s the Facilitators that set our program apart from any other out there.

The Cost

The Business Goals class is $249. This includes all class materials and the one-on-one Facilitator each week. Classes are limited to about 12 people for maximum interaction between other members of the class and your Facilitator. For years we didn’t have a set cost for the class and just asked people to pay us whatever they felt the class was worth at the end of the class – we averaged between $508 to over $3000 from each participant. Most people tell us this is the best business leadership class they have ever attended. (If you have extensive business experience, you may be interested in becoming one of our Facilitators – we are always looking for great coaches to join our team).

The Core Of Our Classes

If we asked everyone on your team what the goal for your business is for the next year, would they all say exactly the same thing? Would it be as short and concise as “Win the Super Bowl”? And is everyone in the right position and aware of what they need to do to “Win the Super Bowl”? We will help turn your team into a high-performance team that understands the goal, how they fit into that goal, and what they need to do every day to reach that goal. Even more… they will enjoy the process.

Even more…they will enjoy the process. Creating a company that incorporates ENJOYING THE PROCESS is the missing component in almost nearly every company misses – yet It’s the number one thing your customers, vendors, employees and even your family want most – and yes, it’s what God wants too…but don’t let that spin you out if you don’t believe in God. We prove that enjoying the process is what everyone wants – worldwide – whether they believe in God or not.

What's the Overarching Goal?

We walk you through a process of putting in place a goal that everyone on your team can easily repeat, and more importantly, help you reach. We’ll show you how to gain support and build momentum as you develop goals or apply to goals you already have in place.

Is Your Team Unified?

The right answer to anything is the right person. We’ll show you three simple yet effective tools to assure you have the right people in place to help you reach your vision and goals.

Is Everyone Energized?

People get energized when they are using their talents to accomplish something significant. Our secret sauce is a two-step process that assures people know exactly what they need to accomplish every day, all while enjoying coming to work and working with their team every day.

Keep The Momentum Going

Many people complete the 6-week class and don’t want to stop. For those who wish to really take their company to the next level, we have the Business Goals Intensive. It’s a 12-month Intensive program that takes the concepts learned in the 6-week class to a whole new level.  Whatever goals you have for your company will likely be only a fraction of what you will accomplish through the Intensive.  The Intensive places you in a “Triad” with two other business leaders in similar stages of their career. The three of you will then work through a 12-month curriculum to help you reached the most you are capable of in your career. Graduates achieve far more than they ever dreamed or imagined as a result of the Intensive.


One of the keys to the success of our program is our Facilitators. Our Facilitators are often called coaches, mentors, collaborators or trusted advisors. Every class participant is teamed up with a Facilitator who connects with them one-on-one, each week, to discuss the previous class and implementation strategies specific to your organization. Sometimes just having that trusted advisor who can walk beside you is all it takes to accomplish extraordinary achievements.

the App

The Business Goals program is simple. You can keep track of your goals, your people and daily activity of everyone on the back of a napkin – and it will work. But we’ve been asked to come up with something a little more formal than napkins…so we developed the app. You can see your entire team, what they are working on and what goal it’s connected to all in one place.

Resource Library

All course materials, Modules and Zoom recordings are available to you in one convenient place online. You can log in from anywhere and have the resources instantly available.

Monthly Expectations

The Intensive is designed to help you achieve something beyond the biggest dream you have for your company or position with about an hour a week of work – but we are confident you will really enjoy the work. In this hour you will work ON your business or the position you are in instead of working IN your business or position.  There are four components to the monthly Intensive…one to work on each week.

Course Modules
Each month you will work through a series of Modules. There is one main module and two supporting modules. Each module is designed to help you get closer to achieving goals that surpassed whatever expectations you had for your company or position.
Monthly Triad Meeting
Each month you will meet as a group with your Triad and your Facilitator to discuss that month’s modules and how they apply to your company or position. You’ll find that your Triad will help you reach your goals as well as walk with you through any obstacles you encounter. Between your Facilitator and the two other Triad members, you’ll get the encouragement and support you need to reach levels you’ve never imagined.
Monthly Meet-ups
One week out of the month we ask that you meet just with your Triad. This can be in person or via Zoom. Your Triad will likely become part of the support group, encouragement, accountability and competition you need to achieve beyond your dreams.
Monthly Facilitator Meetings
You will meet with your Facilitator either once for a longer meeting or in two shorter meetings each month. Your Facilitator will help you stay focused on the tasks at hand, provide great mentoring and coaching, be your sounding board, confidant and coach necessary to keep you focused and on track to reach beyond your dreams.

Other ways to experience business goals

The Business goals Videobook

For those of you that can’t fit a 1-hour a week class for six weeks in, we’ve created the Videobook. The Videobook contains a slightly condensed version of all six classes in one videobook. The videobook looks a little like we’ve inserted an iPad into a binder. The Business Goals videobook is rechargeable, had headphone jacks and can be watched over and over. The videobook option does not come with the weekly coaching but contains 100% of the content taught in the 6-week class. The videobook is just $249.

The Business goals Intensive

BUSINESS GOALS ONE-ON-ONE. Some people and companies just want one-on-one interaction. They don’t want to sit in a class with people they don’t know and they want more than the videobook. If that’s you, we will send one of our Facilitators to meet with you and your team. We offer half-day, full-day and multi-day training programs that deploy the Business Goals program that is fully customized for your company and the goals you want to reach.

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