Transform your organization using

Simple Methods

Business Goals created extraordinary leaders capable of reaching their most ambitious vision.

Set your company apart

Business Goals is a six-week course that creates a framework for extraordinary leadership. It’s simple, yet robust. Easy, yet effective. It works no matter how big or how small your business.


A Simple, Effective Framework

We utilize three basic, yet profound concepts: Establishing goals that everyone understands and supports; putting the right people into the right position to accomplish the goals; and most importantly, a daily process that encourages people to work on the most important things to reach the goals.


Classes are about an hour each week for 6-weeks. You can attend the classes in person or attend the class virtually via video conference. Classes are held at a church near you (but the class itself is not very churchy and you don’t have to go to church to attend the class).

Expert Facilitation

Every participant has a facilitator to talk with each week, one-on-one, to collaborate, discuss, and deploy concepts learned in class.

The Cost

We ask that you cover the cost of the materials for the class ($129). Our guarantee – if the class wasn’t valuable to you, we will refund the $129 materials cost. (Scholarships may be available in your area. Click the Sign Up link to find out more.)

“Great leadership class.”

Eric Z.
Chick-fil-A Operator

“A simple step-by-step process.”

Aaron G.
Living.Fit Master Coach
& Education Director

“Loved that it’s Business-minded yet Ministry-focused.”

Geoff G.
CycleDoctor President

“The only people that will enjoy the class more than you are your customers, employees, and vendors…”

Jeremy C.
Reliable GMC/Cadillac Manager

“We implemented the Three Step Process… Game Changer!”

Phil B.
President/CEO Phil Bodine

The Core of Our Classes

If we asked everyone on your team what the goal for your business is for the next year, would they all say exactly the same thing? Would it be as short and concise as “Win the Super Bowl”? And is everyone in the right position and aware of what they need to do to “Win the Super Bowl”? We will help turn your team into a high-performance team that understands the goal, how they fit into that goal, and what they need to do every day to reach that goal. Even more… they will enjoy the process.

What's the Overarching Goal?

We walk you through a process of putting in place a goal that everyone on your team can easily repeat, and more importantly, help you reach. We’ll show you how to gain support and build momentum as you develop goals or apply to goals you already have in place.

Is Your Team Unified?

The right answer to anything is the right person. We’ll show you three simple yet effective tools to assure you have the right people in place to help you reach your vision and goals.

Is Everyone Energized?

People get energized when they are using their talents to accomplish something significant. Our secret sauce is a two-step process that assures people know exactly what they need to accomplish every day, all while enjoying coming to work and working with their team every day.

Keep The Momentum Going

The Business Playbook is an ongoing collaborative available to those who go through the Business Goals class. There are four key components:


One of the keys to the success of our program is our Facilitators. Our Facilitators are often called coaches, mentors, collaborators or trusted advisors. Every class participant is teamed up with a Facilitator who connects with them one-on-one, each week, to discuss the previous class and implementation strategies specific to your organization. Sometimes just having that trusted advisor who can walk beside you is all it takes to accomplish extraordinary achievements.

The App

The Business Goals program is simple. You can keep track of your goals, your people and daily activity of everyone on the back of a napkin – and it will work. But we’ve been asked to come up with something a little more formal than napkins…so we developed the app. You can see your entire team, what they are working on and what goal it’s connected to all in one place.

The Monthly Webinar

Each month, we take a deep dive into the most important contributors to a healthy, vibrant Business. Topics like:
Setting Stretch GoalsHow, what and why
Fulfilling the ContractWhat does it mean to your customers, vendors and employees?
The ExperienceThe number one thing we all want
Tracking PerformanceGetting the most out of your team
Developing ChemistryBecoming the team everyone wants to work with
Using the AppFoster high impact achievement not micromanagement
Seeking FeedbackEngaging your customers, vendors and employees to give feedback
Creating AdvocatesGetting others to sell your services for you
Going DigitalLeveraging social media to your benefit
BudgetsDeveloping and managing your budgets to your board’s delight
Core ValuesExplicit vs. Implicit company values – a must
Changing BehaviorThe key behavioral characteristics of top 5% leaders
Webinars are held on the second Wednesday of every month at noon (Pacific) and are exclusively for Playbook members only.

Resource Library

All Business Goals classes are recorded and are available to class participants after each class. They are also stored in our resource library, along with all Monthly Webinar recordings and other videos for Playbook members to refer to or show other members of their team.

Other ways to experience business goals

The Business Goals Videobook

All Business Goals classes are recorded and stored in our resource library, along with all Monthly Webinar recordings and other videos for Playbook members to refer to or show other members of their team.

The Business Goals Intensives

Get Business Goals tailored to your company and its specific needs and goals. We will send a Business Goals expert to your company for a half-day, full-day or multi-day custom intensive training program.

Ready to Experience Business Goals?